Practical guidance for the management of ivory stockpiles, including their disposal

Updated on 28 October 2022

In Resolution Conf. 10.10 (Rev. CoP17) on Trade in elephant specimens those Parties within whose jurisdiction there is an ivory carving industry, a legal domestic trade in ivory, an unregulated market for or illegal trade in ivory, or where ivory stockpiles exist, and Parties designated as ivory importing countries are urged to ensure that they have in place comprehensive internal legislative, regulatory, enforcement and other measures for recording and inspection procedures to monitor the movement of ivory within the State, including by means of comprehensive and demonstrably effective stock inventory, reporting and enforcement systems for worked ivory.

These Parties are further urged to maintain an inventory of government-held stockpiles of ivory and, where possible, of significant privately held stockpiles of ivory within their territory, and inform the Secretariat of the level of this stock each year before 28 February indicating the number of pieces and their weight per type of ivory (raw or worked); for relevant pieces, and if marked, their markings in accordance with the provisions of this Resolution; the source of the ivory; and the reasons for any significant changes in the stockpile compared to the preceding year.

In order to assist Parties in undertaking these obligations, the Conference of the Parties requested the Secretariat to disseminate practical guidance for the management of ivory stockpiles, including their disposal.

Pursuant to this request, the Secretariat hereby makes available examples of best practices in ivory stockpile management. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and the Secretariat would welcome further examples from Parties which will be disseminated. These examples are made available for the use of Parties as appropriate and are not specifically endorsed or recommended by the Conference of the Parties or the Secretariat.

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