Identification Materials


CITES regulates more than 38,000 species of animals and plants. Parties are expected to implement the convention for all listed species, which means that administrators, scientists, and enforcement officers must be able to tell the species apart. Establishing the identity of the specimen is one of the first pieces of information that Parties need to regulate international trade in accordance with CITES.

Provisions of the Convention

Resolutions and Decisions

CITES Wiki identification manual

  • CITES Wiki Identification Manual is a collection of data sheets designed to help identify various species of fauna and flora. Information is provided for archive reference; updates to the manual has been made only up to 2009, so some information may not be up-to-date.

Tiger identification

  • Field pocket guide for law enforcement agencies to combat illegal trade in Asian big cat specimens (hard copies are available, by request, to customs and police authorities, and any other national authorities responsible for wildlife law enforcement. Also available on the CITES Virtual College restricted site and on Environet)
  • Amur tiger photo monitoring initiative (see link to news item - in Russian only), June 2018

Other Identification materials

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