Scientific name:Cattleya walkeriana
CITES listing: Appendix II
Photo: © Greg Allikas, www.orchidworks.com

Note: Cattleya walkeriana may well be the most popular bifoliate Cattleya of this time. The small plants produce large flowers which come in a variety of color forms including alba, semi-alba, coerulea and the typical rose-lavender. One to three flowers are usually produced in early spring from a rudimentary, usually leafless, new growth. Occasionally flowers are produced from the leaf axil at the top of a new growth. C. walkeriana is found in the Brazilian states of Minas Gerais, Goias, Sao Paulo and Matto Grosso at moderate elevations below 2000m. The species has received numerous awards on its own and has been used to create over 200 hybrids to which it imparts its full, round shape and compact growing habit. C. walkeriana is best growh mounted or in a basket to accommodate its somewhat rambling growth. Provide intermediate to warm conditions and bright light.

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