Sponsored Delegates Project

Nineteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties
Panama City (Panama), 14-25 November 2022

Provisions of the Convention

Resolutions and Decisions

Relevant documents

  • Notif. 2021/057 Nineteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties Sponsored Delegates Project 

Selection criteria

  • The selection is based on the 4 categories of the UNDP Human Development Index.
  • Priority will be given to Parties with fewer than 6 delegates at the previous meeting of the CoP.

Funding status

56.9% Funded
$569,364 Raised
Days to Go

Call for support to CoP19 SDP

The  Secretariat invites all States and organizations that might be able to provide financial support to inform us as soon as possible. The fund-raising target for this project is USD 1 million to enable the Secretariat to provide the same level of support to Parties as at previous meetings.

If you are interested in making a financial contribution to this project, please contact the CITES Secretariat on [email protected]

Find updated information on the contributions received for CoP19 Sponsored Delegates Project here

Information on other sources of funding for CoP19

Resolution Conf. 17.3 on Sponsored Delegates Project URGES governments, international organisations, non-governmental organisations and private bodies which, instead of using the possibility to provide funds to the Sponsored Delegates Project, decide to fund the participation in CoP meetings of representatives from other Parties (for example by covering travel or accommodation costs), to inform the Secretariat about such funding.

Any information received will appear here

If any entities wish to provide such information, please contact on [email protected]