How is CITES financed?


Core and External Funding

The Convention is financed by core and external funds.

The core funding, known as the CITES Trust Fund (CTL), finances the administrative costs of the Secretariat, the Conference of the Parties and its subsidiary bodies, the Standing Committee and other permanent committees. The CITES Trust Fund is replenished from contributions of the Parties to the Convention based on the United Nations scale of assessment, adjusted to take account of the fact that not all members of the United Nations are Parties to the Convention.

The external funds, known as the CITES External Trust Fund (QTL) funds the voluntary programmes/projects activities costs. The CITES External Trust Fund consists of extrabudgetary contributions from Parties and other entities on a purely voluntary basis. Each offer of funding to the CITES External Trust Fund is negotiated and vetted by the Secretariat.

Audited Reports

An audit of the Secretariat of CITES to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of the Secretariat’s governance, risk management and control processes in providing reasonable assurance regarding the effective administrative management by UNEP of the CITES Secretariat, covering the period 2008-2010, was conducted during the period 29 April to 27 July 2011.

Finance and Budget Sub-committee

The Finance and Budget Subcommittee (FSBC) assists the Standing Committee with the implementation of the Resolutions of the Conference of the Parties on financing and the costed programme of work for the Secretariat.