Bonn amendment to the text of the Convention

The Conference of the Parties to CITES adopted an amendment to the text of the Convention on 22 June 1979. This amendment consists of inserting at the end of Article XI, paragraph 3. a), the words ", and adopt financial provisions" so that it reads as follows:

3. At meetings, whether regular or extraordinary, the Parties shall review the implementation of the present Convention and may:

(a) make such provision as may be necessary to enable the Secretariat to carry out its duties, and adopt financial provisions; …

In accordance with Article XVII, paragraph 3, of the Convention, the Bonn amendment entered into force 60 days after 34 (two-thirds) of the 50 States that were party to CITES on 22 June 1979 deposited their instruments of acceptance, i.e. on 13 April 1987. At that time it entered into force only for those States that had accepted the amendment (no matter on what date they became party to the Convention.) However the amended text of the Convention applies automatically to any State that becomes a Party after the date of entry into force of the amendment.

There are currently 150 Parties out of 183 that have accepted the Bonn amendment.