17.306 to 17.308 Nomenclature (Identification of CITES-listed corals in trade)

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Decision directed to: Secretariat

The Secretariat shall:
a) seek, if possible, a time-specific version of (i) the WoRMS database, and (ii) the new Corals of the World website by John VERON (currently in preparation) that serves the needs of a CITES nomenclature reference, and
b) report its progress to the Animals Committee.


Decision directed to: Parties

The Parties shall undertake an internal assessment of the WoRMS database with regard to consistency with their own internal coral nomenclature databases, and report their findings to the Secretariat for communication to the Animals Committee.


Decision directed to: Animals Committee

The Animals Committee shall:
a) consider the report of the Secretariat and the responses of the Parties and recommend a way forward to identify a standard nomenclature reference for CITES-listed corals; and
b) update its list of coral taxa for which identification to genus level is acceptable, but which should be identified to species level where feasible, once a new standard nomenclature reference for CITES-listed coral species has been identified and provide the updated list to the Secretariat for dissemination.