16.153 (Rev. CoP17) to 16.154 (Rev. CoP17) East African sandalwood (Osyris lanceolata)

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16.153 (Rev. CoP17)

Decision directed to: Plants Committee, Others

Directed to the Plants Committee and the Eastern African range States for Osyris species  The Plants Committee and Eastern African range States of Osyris species shall: a) review and gather further information on the conservation status of, trade in and use of Osyris species and look-alike species and, assess their impact in the conservation status of Osyris lanceolata; b) assess the data required to make non-detriment findings following the existing guidance; c) identify mechanisms to help build capacity to carry out non-detriment findings for currently-listed populations; d) report to the 24th meeting of the Plants Committee on the outcomes and recommendations of the workshop organized under Decision 16.154 (Rev. CoP17) b); and e) report on their work at the 18th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.

16.154 (Rev. CoP17)

Decision directed to: Secretariat

a) The Secretariat shall assist in obtaining external funding for the implementation of Decision 16.153 (Rev. CoP17); and
b) Subject to the availability of funding, the Secretariat shall organize a consultative meeting of Osyris lanceolata range States to bring together relevant representatives of CITES Management Authorities and Scientific Authorities to share and exchange data, information, intelligence and law enforcement measures, in combating illegal trade in the species.