17.219 17.221 Bread palms (Encephalartos spp.)

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Decision directed to: Parties

All Parties should: a) immediately bring every seizure of illegal Encephalartos species specimens made within their territories to the attention of authorities in range States, countries of origin, transit and destination, as applicable, and to the attention of the Secretariat. Information on the seizure should be accompanied by available associated information to enable follow-up investigations to take place; b) notify the CITES Secretariat of seizures of specimens of Encephalartos species for which the origin cannot be determined. Such a notification should include information describing the circumstances of the seizure; c) submit samples from specimens of Encephalartos species confiscated and/or subject to criminal investigation, to designated forensic laboratories for DNA analysis on the basis of a standard protocol provided by South Africa; d) prior to issuing permits or certificates, including pre-Convention certificates, authorizing the import or re-export of specimens of Encephalartos species, consult with the country of origin, so that the true nature of the trade and source of specimens may be confirmed and monitored.


Decision directed to: Secretariat

The Secretariat shall: a) subject to external funding, develop, in conjunction with relevant institutions and experts, a manual containing guidelines on best practices, protocols and operational procedures that will promote the use of wildlife forensic technology as it relates to plant material; b) prepare a questionnaire to assist Parties in compiling information on legal and illegal trade in Encephalartos spp. specimens, drawing upon the template for species-specific reporting adopted by the Standing Committee, and make this questionnaire available to Parties through a Notification to the Parties; and c) drawing upon the reports received from Parties in response to the Notification to the Parties mentioned in Decision 17.220 paragraph b), prepare a report on legal and illegal trade in Encephalartos spp. specimens, including recommendations, for consideration by the Standing Committee.


Decision directed to: Standing Committee

The Standing Committee shall at its 69th meeting, consider the report of the CITES Secretariat and determine further actions to be implemented by Parties in relation to the international trade in Encephalartos species.