17.186 to 17.189 Eels (Anguilla spp.)

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Decision directed to: Secretariat

The Secretariat shall, subject to external funding:
a) contract independent consultants to undertake a study compiling information on challenges and lessons learnt with regards to implementation of the Appendix II listing of European Eel (Anguilla anguilla) and its effectiveness. This includes in particular the making of non-detriment findings, enforcement and identification challenges, as well as illegal trade. This study should notably take account of the data compiled and advice issued by the ICES/GFCM/EIFAAC Working Group Eel;
b) contract independent consultants to undertake a study on non-CITES listed Anguilla species:
i) documenting trade levels and possible changes in trade patterns following the entry into force of the listing of the European Eel in CITES Appendix II in 2009;
ii) compiling available data and information on the biology, population status, use and trade in each species, as well as identifying gaps in such data and information, based on the latest available data and taking account inter alia of the Red List assessments by the IUCN Anguillid Eel Specialist Group; and
iii) providing recommendations for priority topics for technical workshops based on gaps and challenges identified under i)-ii);
c) make the reports from the studies above available to the 29th meeting of the Animals Committee (AC29) for their consideration; and
d) organize, where appropriate, international technical workshops, inviting cooperation with and participation by the relevant range States, trading countries, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the IUCN Anguillid Eel Specialist Group, the ICES/GFCM/EIFAAC Working Group Eel, industry and other experts appointed by Parties as appropriate. Such workshops should in particular cover the topics identified by the reports described in subparagraphs a) and b) of this Decision and could focus on challenges specific to the various eel species, such as
i) in relation to European eel, the realization of and guidance available for non-detriment findings, as well as enforcement of the Appendix II listing including identification challenges; and
ii) in relation to the other eel species, to enable a better understanding of the effects of international trade, including trade in their various life stages, and possible measures to ensure sustainable trade in such species ;
e) make any workshop report available to the 30th meeting of the Animals Committee (AC30) for their consideration; and
f) make available to the Standing Committee relevant information on illegal trade in European eels gathered from the study and the workshop report mentioned in paragraphs a) and e).


Decision directed to: Others

Directed to range States and Parties involved in trade in Anguilla spp.  Range States and Parties involved in trade in Anguilla species, in collaboration with the Secretariat and FAO, are encouraged to: a) promote international or regional cooperation on a species-by-species basis, including the convening of regional meetings to discuss how to fill the information gaps and ensure long-term sustainability in the face of increasing demand from international trade; b) provide the Secretariat and their consultants with specific information needed for the purposes of completing Decision 17.186 a) and b) as well as the results of the regional meetings; and c) participate, where appropriate, in the technical workshops and share expertise and knowledge on the priority topics identified [examples provided under in Decision 17.186 paragraph d)].


Decision directed to: Animals Committee

The Animals Committee shall:
a) consider, at its 29th and 30th meetings, the reports produced under Decision 17.186, as well as the information submitted by European Eel range States and other eel range States pursuant to Decision 17.187, and any other relevant information on conservation of and trade in Anguilla species; and
b) provide recommendations to ensure the sustainable trade in Anguilla species, to Parties for consideration at the 18th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.


Decision directed to: Standing Committee

The Standing Committee shall consider information relating to illegal trade in European eel at its 69th and 70th meetings and adopt recommendations as appropriate.