17.152 to 17.155 Traceability

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Decision directed to: Standing Committee

The Standing Committee shall, at its 68th meeting, establish a working group on traceability, which will work in collaboration with the Secretariat to:
a) recommend a working definition of 'traceability' to assist Parties in work related to the implementation of traceability systems;
b) encourage Parties that are developing traceability systems to ensure they are complementary, mutually supportive and standardized, as appropriate, and that they are adapted to the unique conditions relating to trade in CITES-listed species;
c) provide general guidance on a mechanism to coordinate and oversee the development of traceability systems using lessons learned from the development of the global CITES permits and certificates system, global information and traceability systems, and other relevant initiatives;
d) subject to the availability of external resources, and as appropriate, develop and make use of umbrella guidelines, and recommend standards, to develop traceability systems for different species that are mutually supportive and that generate standardized data;
e) subject to the availability of external resources, analyse examples that describe CITES supply chains, including but not limited to those using Unified Modelling Language, and identify points throughout the supply chain where specimens should be located, verified, and its application defined, bearing in mind a wide range of production systems and life forms;
f) take into account the work on e-permitting to ensure links between CITES permits and certificates and traceability identifiers;
g) collaborate with United Nations and other relevant organizations that have experience in the development and use of traceability standards and systems; and
h) draft a resolution on traceability, as deemed necessary, to be submitted to the Standing Committee, taking into account any relevant conclusions and recommendations of the report resulting from Decision 17.154, as appropriate, for consideration at the 18th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.


Decision directed to: Parties

Parties are invited to:
a) support the working group in its work on traceability;
b) inform the working group on the development of projects and on new information related to traceability in response to the Notification issued by the Secretariat under Decision 17.154;
c) adhere, as appropriate, to international standards and norms related to traceability systems in the development of these systems;
d) use data generated from traceability systems, as appropriate, in activities related to non-detriment findings and monitoring programmes; and
e) collaborate in the provision of capacity-building programmes that promote South-South and North-South cooperation in the development of traceability systems.


Decision directed to: Secretariat

The Secretariat shall issue a Notification, requesting Parties to provide information on the development of projects related to traceability.


Decision directed to: Secretariat

Subject to the availability of external funding, the Secretariat shall:
a) develop a portal on the CITES website on traceability, to make available:
i) recommendations by the working group on a definition of 'traceability’, general traceability guidelines, and other relevant information;
ii) information on new and ongoing projects, as well as existing systems, on traceability, including lessons learned;
iii) information on global organizations working on traceability standards and systems; and
iv) relevant documents, research papers and guidelines on traceability; and
b) in collaboration with the Standing Committee working group established under Decision 17.152 and UN/CEFACT, commission a report by a global organization or expert with experience in the development of standards related to traceability, to:
i) describe a possible governance model (or models) for use in CITES traceability systems;
ii) describe the CITES supply chain using Unified Modelling Language or a similar tool;
iii) identify and recommend appropriate information exchange protocols and standards for use in CITES traceability systems;
iv) describe a generic CITES traceability standard for use as a common model; and
v) report to the Standing Committee on the conclusions of the report.