17.114 to 17.117 Quotas for leopard hunting trophies

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Decision directed to: Parties

Directed to Parties with quotas established under Resolution Conf. 10.14 (Rev. CoP16)  Parties, which have quotas, established under Resolution Conf. 10.14 (Rev. CoP16) on Quotas for leopard hunting trophies and skins for personal use are requested to review these quotas, and consider whether these quotas are still set at levels which are non-detrimental to the survival of the species in the wild, and to share the outcomes of the review and the basis for the determination that the quota is not detrimental, with the Animals Committee at its 30th meeting.


Decision directed to: Animals Committee

The Animals Committee shall consider the information submitted by the relevant range States under Decision 17.114 and any other relevant information, and, if necessary, make any recommendations to the range States and to the Standing Committee relating to the review.


Decision directed to: Secretariat

The Secretariat shall, subject to external funding, support the reviews to be undertaken by range States, referred to in Decision 17.114, upon request by a range State.


Decision directed to: Standing Committee

The Standing Committee should consider any recommendations of the Animals Committee made in accordance with Decision 17.115, and make its own recommendations, as appropriate, for consideration at the 18th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.