17.86 Community awareness on wildlife trafficking

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Decision directed to: Secretariat

The Secretariat shall subject to external funding:
a) contract a consultant to:
i) engage with Parties that reported against Decision 16.85 paragraph c)* and any other Parties as may be appropriate to identify best practices and challenges experienced by these Parties in their implementation of strategies or programmes to enhance community awareness about the economic, social and environmental impacts of trafficking in wildlife, and to encourage the general public to report wildlife trafficking to appropriate authorities for further investigation;
ii) conduct a review of existing strategies or programmes to enhance community awareness; and
iii) prepare a report on the basis of the findings made through the activities outlined in paragraphs i) and ii) in this decision, together with recommendations, on how to further enhance the effectiveness of such strategies or programmes to enhance community awareness; and
b) report progress on the implementation of the present Decision at the 69th and 70th meetings of the Standing Committee.
* China, Greece, South Africa and Zimbabwe – document CoP17 Doc. 68.