16.159 & 15.93 (Rev. CoP16) Neotropical tree species

Directed to the Secretariat
15.93 (Rev. CoP16) The Secretariat, within the scope of its cooperation with the International Tropical Timber Organization and other bodies, shall seek external funding to support the work of this Working Group, if necessary.
Directed to the Plants Committee
16.159 The Working Group on Neotropical Tree Species shall work under the auspices of the Plants Committee.

During its 21st meeting, the Plants Committee shall define the membership and the terms of reference of the Working Group.

The Working Group shall preferably work through electronic means in order to reduce costs and speed up information exchange and progress in the activities included in its terms of reference.

The Working Group shall report on its progress at the 22nd meeting of the Plants Committee. In turn, the Plants Committee shall prepare a report on work completed for submission at the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.