16.130 to 16.135 Freshwater stingrays (Potamotrygonidae spp.)


Directed to the Secretariat
16.130 The Secretariat shall issue a Notification requesting the range States of freshwater stingrays (Family Potamotrygonidae) to report on the conservation status and management of, and domestic and international trade in the species.



Directed to the Animals Committee
16.131 The Animals Committee shall establish a working group comprising the range States of freshwater stingrays in order to evaluate and duly prioritize the species for inclusion in CITES Appendix II.



Directed to the Animals Committee


16.132 The Animals Committee shall consider all information submitted on freshwater stingrays in response to the request made under Decision 16.131 above, and shall:
  a)  identify species of priority concern, including those species that meet the criteria for inclusion in Appendix II of the Convention;
  b)  provide specific recommendations to the range States of freshwater stingrays; and
  c)  submit a report at the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties on the progress made by the working group, and its recommendations and conclusions.



Directed to Parties
16.133 Range States of freshwater stingrays are encouraged to provide information to the Working Group, the Animals Committee, and the Secretariat, as requested under Decision 16.131.



Directed to Parties


16.134 Range States are encouraged to cooperate in the development and implementation of research and monitoring programmes for the purpose of supporting evaluations of the conservation status and threats affecting populations of freshwater stingrays in their natural range.



Directed to Parties, the Secretariat and interested organizations
16.135 Subject to external funding, the Parties, the CITES Secretariat and other interested organizations shall organize activities, including regional workshops, in order to facilitate the exchange of trade, conservation and management data on freshwater stingray species..