14.78 (Rev. CoP16) Elephant conservation (Elephantidae spp.)

Directed to the Secretariat
14.78 (Rev. CoP16) In preparation for the 65th and 66thmeetings of the Standing Committee, pending the necessary external funding, the Secretariat shall:
a)  produce an updated analysis of MIKE data, pending the availability of adequate new MIKE data;
  b)  invite TRAFFIC to submit an updated analysis of ETIS data and UNEP-WCMC to provide an overview of the latest elephant trade data;
  c)  invite the IUCN/SSC African and Asian Elephant Specialist Groups to submit any new and relevant information on the conservation status of elephants, and on pertinent conservation actions and management strategies; and
  d)  invite the African elephant range States to provide information on progress made in the implementation of the African elephant action plan.
  On the basis of the information specified above, the Secretariat shall recommend actions for consideration by the Standing Committee.