16.63 to 16.66 Implementation of the Convention relating to captive-bred and ranched specimens

Directed to the Secretariat
16.63 The Secretariat shall:
  a)  contingent on the availability of external funds, contract an appropriate expert or experts to:
  i)  evaluate the concerns identified in the examples in document SC62 Doc. 26, Annex, regarding trade in specimens claimed to be derived from captive breeding or ranching;
  ii)  review CITES annual report data for specimens recorded using source codes C, D, F and R;
  iii)  identify problems with CITES implementation associated with these examples;
  iv)  consider ways to more effectively share available information on captive-breeding and ranching operations;
  v)  evaluate the utility of a captive-breeding database (including wider application of the existing UNEP-WCMC Captive-Breeding Database being developed for the European Union);
  vi)  prepare a report on its findings and recommendations, taking into consideration the report and recommendations of the working group on implementation of the Convention relating to captive-bred and ranched specimens presented at the 62nd meeting of the Standing Committee; and
  vii)  develop draft checklists or guides for the inspection of captive-breeding and ranching facilities and review of permit applications for captive-bred and ranched specimens;
  b)  provide a draft of this report and additional materials to the Animals Committee at its 27th meeting, for review; and
  c)  distribute final report and materials to the Parties if endorsed by the Animals and Standing Committees.


Directed to the Secretariat
16.64 The Secretariat shall report at the 65th and 66th meetings of the Standing Committee on significant cases where it has taken initiatives or entered into a dialogue with Parties on trade in specimens declared as bred in captivity or ranched where there is serious doubt about the identified source of the specimens in trade.


Directed to the Animals Committees
16.65 The Animals Committee, at its 27th meeting, shall review the report and provide recommendations to the Standing Committee.


Directed to the Standing Committee
16.66 The Standing Committee, at its 65th meeting, shall:
  a)  review the report and the recommendations of the Animals Committee and make its own recommendations to the Parties concerned and the Conference of the Parties; and
  b)  consider proposing amendments to Resolution Conf. 12.8 (Rev. CoP13) or Resolution Conf. 14.3, or proposing a new resolution to provide a process for reviewing the implementation of CITES for specific examples of trade in specimens that are claimed to be produced via captive breeding or ranching.