15.57 & 16.62 E-commerce of specimens of CITES-listed species

Directed to Parties
15.57 Parties are urged to:
  a)  submit information to the CITES Secretariat on best practices and on websites adhering to codes of conduct for posting on the CITES website;
  b)  publish results of scientific research on correlations between use of the Internet and the rate of wildlife crime, and share these results with the CITES Secretariat;
  c)  assess the extent of and trends in commerce of CITES-listed species via the Internet, and submit such information to the Secretariat for analysis; and
  d)  submit information to the CITES Secretariat for analysis on any changes in trade routes and methods of shipment that have been observed as a result of increased use of the Internet to promote trade in wildlife.




Directed to the Standing Committee

16.62 The Standing Committee shall, in collaboration with the Secretariat, liaise with the World Customs Organization with regard to the inclusion of CITES-listed species in the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System.