16.59 to 16.61 Identification Manual

Directed to the Animals and Plants Committees and the Secretariat
16.59 The Animals and Plants Committees shall:
  a)  form an intersessional working group comprising at least one representative from each region of both Committees to assist in identifying CITES-listed taxa, taking account of existing CITES identification and guidance material as well as other material produced by Parties, non-governmental organizations and intergovernmental organizations;
  b)  determine, in collaboration with Parties, the current availability of identification and guidance material (printed and electronic) to increase accessibility to Parties;
  c)  consult with Parties to assess the need for additional identification material, including material under production by Parties and requested in Decisions;
  d)  compile a list of outstanding Decisions directing the Parties, the Animals and Plants Committees, and the Secretariat to produce identification and guidance material for CITES-listed taxa;
  e)  review, in collaboration with the Secretariat, and, taking into account new Web-based technologies, make recommendations, including amendments to Resolution Conf. 11.19 (Rev. CoP16) on Identification Manual, to promote accuracy and availability of identification and guidance material; and
  f)  report progress at the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.


Directed to the Parties
16.60 The Parties are encouraged to support the efforts of the Working Group by:
  a)  providing to the Secretariat information on available identification and guidance material that is used by Parties, and particularly by enforcement and inspections officers, to facilitate implementation of the Convention;
  b)  evaluating the status of pending identification material and identify difficulties associated with the completion of this material; and
  c)  consulting with enforcement and inspection officials to assess current needs with regard to identification materials and guidance needs, and possible improvements to meet those needs.


Directed to the Secretariat
16.61 The Secretariat is directed to issue a Notification to the Parties within six months of the close of the 16th meeting of the Conference of the Parties requesting information on available identification and guidance materials for compilation by the Secretariat and report on its contents at the 27th meeting of the Animals Committee and the 21st meeting of the Plants Committee to assist in the establishment of the Working Group and in the implementation of Decision 16.59.