16.55 Decision-making mechanism for a process of trade in ivory

Directed to the Stamding Committee
16.55 The Standing Committee shall:
  a)  with the assistance of the Secretariat, propose for approval at the latest at the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CoP17) a decision-making mechanism for a process of trade in ivory under the auspices of the Conference of the Parties;
  b)  at its 64th meeting, establish a working group, composed of the Chair of the Standing Committee, specified key Party stakeholders and the Secretariat, to implement the instruction in paragraph a) of the present Decision. The working group shall work intersessionally and take into consideration relevant documents submitted at previous meetings of the Standing Committee and the findings and comments in document CoP16 Doc. 36 (Rev. 1), and consult additional experts or stakeholders, if considered necessary. The Standing Committee shall consider the findings and recommendations of the working group at its 65th meeting, decide on further actions as required, and agree on a final proposal at its 66th meeting for submission at CoP17; and
  c)  conduct its work on the development of a decision making mechanism in consultation with all African and Asian elephant range States and, to the extent possible, in both English and French.