14.39 (Rev. CoP16) to 14.41 (Rev. CoP16) Reporting on trade in artificially propaged plants

Directed to the Secretariat
14.39 (Rev. CoP16) The Secretariat shall, subject to available funding, in consultation with the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre:
a)   conduct a survey of reporting practices of Parties relating to trade in artificiallypropagated plants of taxa included in Appendix II, e.g. regarding the degree ofcompleteness and detail;
  b)   identify cases where the compilation of trade data pertaining to artificially propagated plants of taxa included in Appendix II has contributed to a significant extent to the detection of illegal trade or to any other analysis related to the conservation of wild flora;
  c)   taking into consideration the results of paragraphs a) and b) above, analyse the Convention text and Resolutions in order to identify binding and non-binding elements of reporting, with special emphasis on artificially propagated plants of taxa included in Appendix II. The Secretariat shall list options for streamlining such reporting; and
  d)   report on its findings to the Plants Committee prior to its 21st meeting.


Directed to the Plants Committee
14.40 (Rev. CoP16) The Plants Committee shall, after considering the report of the Secretariat:
a)   determine whether there are any taxa of Appendix-II plants artificially propagated forwhich detailed reporting is less valuable; and
  b)   report its findings to the Standing Committee at its 65th meeting.



Directed to the Standing Committee
14.41 (Rev. CoP16) The Standing Committee shall:
a)   taking into consideration the findings of the Plants Committee, determine whether it ispossible to streamline the reporting of trade in artificially propagated Appendix-II plants;and
  b)   report on its findings at the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties and submit draft wording to amend Resolutions concerned, where appropriate.