16.26 & 16.27 Wildlife trade policy reviews

Directed to the Parties
16.26 As envisaged under Resolution Conf. 15.2 on Wildlife trade policy reviews, Parties that undertake wildlife trade policy reviews on a voluntary basis are requested to provide the Secretariat with relevant details of their reviews and lessons learnt, so that these may be shared with other Parties.


Directed to the Secretariat
16.27 The Secretariat shall:
  a) compile and make available on the CITES website information provided voluntarily by Parties on wildlife policies or wildlife trade policies they have adopted, and wildlife trade policy reviews they have undertaken;
  b) subject to external funding, assist interested Parties in undertaking wildlife trade policy reviews and provide necessary technical cooperation to those Parties;
  c) subject to external funding, organize a regional or subregional workshop in another region which builds upon the Regional Workshop for Arabic-Speaking Countries on Wildlife Trade Policy Reviews (Kuwait City, March 2009); and
  d) report at the 66th meeting of the Standing Committee and at the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties on the work above and other progress made with regard to implementation of Resolution Conf. 15.2.