16.2 Access to Global Environment Facility funding

A financial mechanism for CITES
The Conference of the Parties has decided to defer consideration of a financial mechanism for CITES, such as the Global Environment Facility (GEF), to its 17th meeting, taking into account the progress achieved under the following Decision.
Directed to the Secretariat
16.2 The Secretariat shall:
  a)  in collaboration with the CBD Secretariat and in consultation with the GEF Secretariat, explore the necessity and feasibility as well as the legal and other implications of the GEF becoming a financial mechanism for CITES;
  b)  report on progress on its findings at the 65th meeting of the Standing Committee, for consideration of the risks, benefits, necessity and implications, in order to get further guidance in preparation for the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties;
  c)  convey Resolution Conf. 16.2 and Decision 16.2 to the GEF Council, through the Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the GEF;
  d)  continue, in collaboration with the CBD Secretariat, to explore a closer working relationship with the GEF to enhance its biodiversity strategy in GEF-6 by strengthening the species-based component; and
  e)  convey CITES priorities to the GEF for it to take them into account when developing the biodiversity strategy in GEF-6, consistent with the mandate of the GEF.