16.1 Credentials Committee

Directed to the Secretariat
16.1 The Secretariat shall develop, for consideration at the 65th meeting of the Standing Committee, draft guidance to Parties on the submission of credentials for a meeting of the Conference of the Parties taking note of the CoP16 Credentials Committee Chair’s recommendations that this guidance should address, inter alia, the following:
  a)  submission of original credentials only and not copies of credentials;
  b)  use of stationery with an official letterhead which indicates the relevant country and government office;
  c)  signature of credentials by the head of State, head of government or minister of foreign affairs;
  d)  the acceptability of alternative signatories (in a temporary or acting capacity), if their authority to sign is clearly indicated;
  e)  provision of the name and title of the signatory; and
  f)  translation into one of the three working languages of the Convention.
  When the draft guidance has been endorsed by the Standing Committee, the Secretariat shall make it available to Parties through the CITES website.