Rhinoceroses (Rhinocerotidae spp.) 16.85

Directed to all Parties


16.85 All Parties implicated in the illegal trade of rhinoceros horn as a range or consumer State, where applicable, should:
  a)  develop and implement long-term demand reduction strategies or programmes and immediate actions aimed at reducing the illegal movement and consumption of rhino horn products, taking into consideration the draft demand-reduction principles included in the Annex to document CoP16 Doc. 54.1 (Rev. 1), to achieve measurable change in consumer behaviour;
  b)  develop and implement strategies or programmes to enhance community awareness with regard to the economic, social and environmental impacts of illicit trafficking in wildlife crime, and to encourage the general public to report illegal activities related to wildlife trade to appropriate authorities for further investigation. Such strategies or programmes and immediate actions could include the involvement of local communities that live in the immediate vicinity of conservation areas, community policing projects or other strategies as may be appropriate; and
  c)  provide information on the effectiveness of strategies or programmes referred to in paragraph a) and b) of this Decision, to the Working Group on Rhinoceroses, by 31 January 2015, to assist the Working Group in identifying best practices and challenges experienced, with the aim of developing ideas to further enhance the effectiveness of demand-reduction strategies, and to report on its findings at the 66th meeting of the Standing Committee.



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Sixteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties

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