Rhinoceroses (Rhinocerotidae spp.) 16.84


Directed to all Parties
16.84 All Parties should:
  a)  immediately bring every seizure of illegal rhinoceros specimens made within their territories to the attention of authorities in countries of origin, transit and destination, as applicable, and to the attention of the Secretariat. Information on the seizure should be accompanied by available associated information, to enable follow-up investigations to take place;
  b)  notify the CITES Secretariat of seizures of rhinoceros horn for which the origin cannot be determined. Such a notification should include information describing the circumstances of the seizure;
  c)  enact legislation or use existing legislation to:
  i)  facilitate the use of specialized investigation techniques such as controlled deliveries and covert investigations in the investigation of wildlife-crime-related offences, as appropriate, in support of conventional investigation techniques;
  ii)  maximize the impact of enforcement actions by using other tools and regulations, such as anti-money laundering and asset forfeiture legislation, in support of wildlife legislation; and
  iii)  prosecute members of organized crime groups implicated in rhinoceros related crimes under a combination of relevant legislation which carry appropriate penalties that will act as effective deterrents, whenever possible;
  d)  submit rhinoceros horn samples from specimens subject to criminal investigation, to designated accredited forensic laboratories as described in document CoP16 Doc. 54.2 (Rev. 1), for DNA analysis, in accordance with relevant legislation regulating the exchange of such specimens;
  e)  prior to issuing permits or certificates, including pre-Convention certificates, authorizing the movement of specimens of rhinoceroses, consult with the country of destination, so that the true nature of the trade may be confirmed and monitored;
  f)  introduce national measures, as appropriate, in support of CITES implementation, to regulate internal trade in specimens of rhinoceros, including any specimen that appears from an accompanying document, the packaging, a mark or label, or from any other circumstances, to be a rhinoceros part or derivative; and
  g)  consider introducing stricter domestic measures to regulate the re-export of rhinoceros horn products from any source.



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Sixteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties

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