Monitoring of illegal trade in ivory and other elephant specimens (Elephantidae spp.) 16.78

Directed to the Secretariat
16.78 The Secretariat shall, subject to external funding:
  a)  convene a CITES Ivory Enforcement Task Force, consisting of representatives from China (including Hong Kong SAR), Kenya, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania and Viet Nam, in cooperation with partner organizations in the International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC) and, as appropriate, other Parties and experts, to:
  i)  evaluate the concerns identified in the examples in document SC62 Doc. 26, Annex, regarding trade in specimens claimed to be derived from captive breeding or ranching;
  ii)  propose measures to African and Asian enforcement authorities to promote long-term collaboration between them, for example through exchange programmes or the secondment of law enforcement officers from destination or transit countries to source countries and vice versa;
  b)  examine and advise about existing DNA-based and forensic identification techniques for sourcing and ageing ivory, identify relevant forensic facilities and research institutions, and consider the need for further research in these areas;
  c)  convene a workshop for Parties on the use of controlled deliveries, in collaboration with ICCWC partner organizations, with the aim of expanding the application of this investigation technique, particularly in Africa and Asia; and
  d)  develop, in cooperation with the World Bank and other ICCWC partners, an anti-money-laundering and asset recovery manual with a specific focus on wildlife crime, that can be used for the training of investigators, prosecutors and judges.
  The Secretariat shall report on progress on the implementation of the present Decision at the 65th and 66th meetings of the Standing Committee, with recommendations as necessary.



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Sixteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties

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