Asian big cats (Felidae spp.) 14.69 & 16.68

Directed to the Parties, especially Appendix-I Asian big cat range States
Parties with intensive operations breeding tigers on a commercial scale shall implement measures to restrict the captive population to a level supportive only to conserving wild tigers; tigers should not be bred for trade in their parts and derivatives.
16.68 All Parties, particularly Appendix-I Asian big cat range States, are encouraged to:
  a)  support the activities to be conducted in compliance with Decision 16.70, paragraph c), to enable the Secretariat to prepare a report with findings and recommendations, including reporting on the implementation of Resolution Conf. 12.5 (Rev. CoP16) (Conservation of and trade in tigers and other Appendix-I Asian big cat species), at the 65th meeting of the Standing Committee; and
  b)  provide information on incidents of poaching of and illegal trade in all Asian big cat species, including their parts and derivatives, which will enable the compilation of a report for the law enforcement community, in compliance with Decision 16.70, paragraph d).


Number / Code: 
14.69 & 16.68
COP meeting: 
Sixteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties

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