Implementation of the Convention relating to captive-bred and ranched specimens 16.63

Directed to the Secretariat
16.63 The Secretariat shall:
  a)  contingent on the availability of external funds, contract an appropriate expert or experts to:
  i)  evaluate the concerns identified in the examples in document SC62 Doc. 26, Annex, regarding trade in specimens claimed to be derived from captive breeding or ranching;
  ii)  review CITES annual report data for specimens recorded using source codes C, D, F and R;
  iii)  identify problems with CITES implementation associated with these examples;
  iv)  consider ways to more effectively share available information on captive-breeding and ranching operations;
  v)  evaluate the utility of a captive-breeding database (including wider application of the existing UNEP-WCMC Captive-Breeding Database being developed for the European Union);
  vi)  prepare a report on its findings and recommendations, taking into consideration the report and recommendations of the working group on implementation of the Convention relating to captive-bred and ranched specimens presented at the 62nd meeting of the Standing Committee; and
  vii)  develop draft checklists or guides for the inspection of captive-breeding and ranching facilities and review of permit applications for captive-bred and ranched specimens;
  b)  provide a draft of this report and additional materials to the Animals Committee at its 27th meeting, for review; and
  c)  distribute final report and materials to the Parties if endorsed by the Animals and Standing Committees.



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Sixteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties

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