Introduction from the sea: chartering 16.48

Directed to the Secretariat
16.48 The Secretariat shall report at the 65th and 66th meetings of the Standing Committee on the implementation of the Convention by the Parties concerned in relation to the provision on chartering arrangements provided for in Resolution Conf. 14.6 (Rev. CoP16).

The report should focus in particular on the conditions under which non-detriment findings are made and permits and certificates are issued, as well as on the relationship between chartering States and States in which the vessel is registered, in performing those tasks. It should especially assess the capacity of chartering States and the States in which the vessels are registered to control compliance with the provisions of the CITES Convention.

In that regard, the report should pay special attention to the implementation of the provisions of the Resolution pertaining to the legality of the acquisition and landing of the specimens concerned.

The report shall also include any cases where Parties have been unable to take advantage of this provision, including in situations where at least one of the States involved is not party to a relevant Regional Fishery Management Organization/Arrangement (RFMO/A).

Between now and the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CoP17), the Secretariat shall further communicate with the Secretariat of the relevant RFMO/A and other relevant international organizations, in particular regarding the implementation of the relevant obligations resulting from these RFMO/As or other international organizations, and share information provided with Parties on a timely basis.



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Sixteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties

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