Needs assessment for strengthening the implementation of CITES 16.30

Directed to the Secretariat
16.30 The Secretariat shall, before the 65th meeting of the Standing Committee (SC65):
  a)  issue a Notification to the Parties containing a questionnaire on the needs identified in the Annex to document CoP16 Doc. 22 (Rev. 1), entitled Technological, Logistical and Equipment Needs Assessment to Strengthen the Implementation of CITES in Developing Countries. The Secretariat shall seek input from all Parties, revise the questionnaire, and report its findings at SC65;
  b)  subject to the availability of external resources, and in order to assist Parties in determining how best to access and utilize new technologies, undertake a study of new and appropriate information and communication technologies needed to implement the Convention, including but not limited to, the use of hand-held devices and tablets, and off-the-shelf or ready-made electronic permitting systems that are affordable, such as UNEP-WCMC’s Electronic Permit Information eXchange (EPIX); and
  c)  report the results of the study, with recommendations as appropriate, for consideration at SC65.



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Sixteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties

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