Annotations 16.162

Directed to the Standing Committee, Animals Committee and Plants Committee
16.162 The Standing Committee shall form a working group on annotations, in close collaboration with the Animals and Plants Committees, recognizing that the Animals and Plants Committees are an important source of expertise and advice to Parties on such scientific and technical issues. The group shall be chaired by a member of the Standing Committee and shall include, but not be limited to, members from the Standing Committee, Animals Committee, Plants Committee, observer Parties, CITES Management and Scientific Authorities, enforcement authorities, including Customs, and industry representatives. The terms of reference for the working group shall be:
  a)  to explore the shared understanding among Parties of annotations, both their meaning and function, and the adoption of appropriate and reasonable procedures for crafting plant annotations;
  b)  to evaluate and address issues related to the drafting, interpretation and implementation of annotations, and assist Parties in drafting future annotations, drawing on appropriate expertise from within and outside its membership;
  c)  initially, to focus its efforts on evaluating the existing annotations for plant taxa listed in Appendices II and III, with an emphasis on ensuring that such annotations are clear as to the types of specimens to be covered by a listing, can be readily implemented, and focus on those parts and derivatives primarily exported from the range States and those commodities that dominate the trade in and demand for the wild resource;
  d)  based on the results of the timber trade study directed to the Secretariat in Decision 15.35 (Rev. CoP16), to review the existing annotations for tree species and, if appropriate, draft amendments to those annotations and prepare clear definitions for the terms used in the annotations in order to facilitate their use and understanding by CITES authorities, enforcement officers, exporters and importers;
  e)  to review the appropriateness and practical implementation of the annotation(s) of the agarwood-producing taxa (Aquilaria spp. and Gyrinops spp.), taking into consideration the previous work done by the range and consumer States of these species;
  f)  to review outstanding implementation challenges resulting from the listings of Aniba rosaeodora and Bulnesia sarmientoi in the Appendices, and propose appropriate solutions at the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties;
  g)  to draft definitions of terms included in annotations, in cases where the terms are not easily understood or where there has been difficulty in implementing the listing as a result of confusion about what commodities are covered, and submit them to the Standing Committee for adoption by the Conference of the Parties and subsequent inclusion in the Interpretation section of the Appendices;
  h)  to consider the effectiveness of including definitions of terms in annotations in the Interpretation section of the Appendices instead of elsewhere (e.g. in Resolutions) and, based on the determination, draft a proposal to include all definitions in a single location;
  i)  to conduct any work related to annotations directed to it by the Conference of the Parties, the Standing, Animals or Plants Committee; and
  j)  to prepare reports on progress made in addressing the issues tasked to it and submit them for the 65th and 66th meetings of the Standing Committee.


Number / Code: 
COP meeting: 
Sixteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties