Snake trade and conservation management (Serpentes spp.) 16.103


Directed to the Animals Committees
16.103 The Animals Committee shall:
  a)  review the results of the activities indicated in Decision 16.102, paragraphs a) to c), as well as the results of the ITC study and other relevant studies on trade in python snakes in Asia and UNCTAD Biotrade Initiative’s Working Group on reptile skin sourcing, when available; and, based on these studies and reports, develop guidance and recommendations for consideration by the Standing Committee;
  b)  examine the study undertaken by the UNCTAD Biotrade initiative’s Working Group on reptile skin sourcing mentioned in Decision 16.102, paragraph c), and any other relevant available information concerning:
  i)  existing marking and tracing systems and, where relevant, accompanying certification schemes of all kinds (and not necessarily limited to those currently in use for trade in wild species), which could provide best practices that might be applicable to snakes;
  ii)  a traceability system to confirm the legal origin of snake skins; and
  iii)  the economic feasibility of current technologies to implement such a traceability and marking system;
  c)  advise the Standing Committee on the feasibility of implementing such a traceability system for snakes; and
  d)  report on the status of this work at the 65th and 66th meetings of the Standing Committee.



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Sixteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties

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