E-commerce of specimens of CITES-listed species 15.57

Directed to Parties
15.57 Parties are urged to:
  a)  submit information to the CITES Secretariat on best practices and on websites adhering to codes of conduct for posting on the CITES website;
  b)  publish results of scientific research on correlations between use of the Internet and the rate of wildlife crime, and share these results with the CITES Secretariat;
  c)  assess the extent of and trends in commerce of CITES-listed species via the Internet, and submit such information to the Secretariat for analysis; and
  d)  submit information to the CITES Secretariat for analysis on any changes in trade routes and methods of shipment that have been observed as a result of increased use of the Internet to promote trade in wildlife.



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Fifteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties

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