19.239 & 19.240 Agarwood-producing taxa (Aquilaria spp. and Gyrinops spp.)

Decision directed to
Decision directed to:
Plants Committee, with the assistance of the Secretariat

The Plants Committee shall, with the assistance of the Secretariat, review document CoP19 Doc. 62.2 and information documents CoP19 Inf. 12 and CoP19 Inf. 15 and:

a) consider potential revisions to Resolution Conf. 16.10 on Implementation of the Convention for agarwood-producing taxa, taking into account other relevant Resolutions, including Resolution Conf. 10.13 (Rev. CoP18) on Implementation of the Convention for tree species, and Resolution Conf. 11.11 (Rev. CoP18) on Regulation of trade in plants, as appropriate;

b) formulate any appropriate recommendations regarding the Agarwood glossary and the Agarwood NDF guidance; and

c) report its conclusions and recommendations on paragraphs a) and b) of the present Decision for consideration by the Standing Committee.