19.167 & 19.168 Trade in live African elephants (Loxodonta africana)

Decision directed to
Decision directed to:
Standing Committee

The Standing Committee shall call a CITES dialogue meeting as per Resolution Conf. 14.5 on Dialogue meetings for African elephant range States to consider a harmonization of the conditions to trade in live African elephants and propose relevant changes to Resolutions to CoP20 as well as relevant changes to annotation 2 (after CoP19, footnote annotation A10), including changes to streamline and simplify the annotation; and recommend other Parties, the CITES Secretariat and technical experts to participate in the meeting in accordance with the Annex to Resolution Conf. 14.5 on Dialogue meetings.

Decision directed to:
The Parties agree that, while the process for the dialogue meeting is under way, any export of live wild-caught African elephant will be limited to in situ conservation programmes or secure areas in the wild, within the species’ natural and historical range in Africa, except in exceptional circumstances where, in consultation with the Animals Committee, through its Chair with the support of the Secretariat, and in consultation with the IUCN African elephant specialist group, it is considered that a transfer to ex situ locations will provide demonstrable in situ conservation benefits for African elephants, or in the case of temporary transfers in emergency situations.