19.132 to 19.134 Non-detriment findings

Decision directed to
Decision directed to:
Animals and Plants Committees

The Animals and Plants Committees shall:

a) continue the TAG established under the recommendations in document AC31/PC25 Com. 3 through which the Animals and Plants Committees provide support and advice for implementation, and make any appropriate decisions to ensure continued advice and assistance for the implementation of Decisions 19.132 to 19.134;

b) participate as appropriate in the international expert workshop on NDFs where draft guidance materials are to be reviewed, advanced or completed;

c) review and make recommendations concerning: the outcomes of the international expert workshop on NDFs; the use of its outputs in support of the making of NDFs by Scientific Authorities; and their publication on the CITES website;

d) based on the strategy and feedback from Parties and the wider CITES community on experiences with using NDF guidance materials, review and update NDF materials as may be needed; and e) report on these activities at the 20th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.