19.140 & 19.141 Introduction from the sea

Decision directed to
Decision directed to:

The Secretariat shall:

a) monitor the negotiations on the development of an international legally binding instrument under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ) and report to the Standing Committee the results and make recommendations regarding interactions between CITES and this instrument, as appropriate;

b) continue to monitor the implementation of Resolution 14.6 (Rev. CoP16) on Introduction from the sea and report as appropriate to the Standing Committee;

c) approach and work with the States that are most active in the trade in CITES marine species particularly from areas beyond national jurisdiction, including flag-of-convenience States and territories, with a view to encouraging and assisting them to fulfil their CITES responsibilities and effectively implement the Convention; and

d) issue a notification to collect views from Parties and other relevant stakeholders on the ten most frequently asked questions and submit them to the Standing Committee for its consideration.

Decision directed to:
Standing Committee

The Standing Committee shall review intersessionally the 10 questions most frequently asked on ‘CITES trade from areas beyond national jurisdiction’ and the responses prepared by the Secretariat and provide recommendations to the 20th meeting of the Conference of the Parties regarding the possible amendment of the Annex to Resolution Conf. 14.6 (Rev. CoP16) on Introduction from the sea.