19.189 to 19.191 Aquatic species listed in the CITES Appendices

Decision directed to
Decision directed to:

Subject to the availability of resources, the Secretariat shall: 

a) convene a technical workshop to consider the application of Resolution Conf. 9.24 (Rev. CoP17) and its footnote 2 (found in annex V), with regards to relevant commercially exploited Elasmobranchii and other aquatic species, taking into account the information provided in document CoP19 Doc 87.2 and available scientific information and data; 

b) issue a Notification to the Parties inviting all interested Parties, members of the Animals Committee, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and other relevant intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations to participate in this workshop; and 

c) submit the conclusions and recommendations of this workshop to the Animals Committee for review.

Decision directed to:
Animals Committee
The Animals Committee shall review the report of the workshop and make recommendations to the next meeting of the Standing Committee, as appropriate.
Decision directed to:
Standing Committee
The Standing Committee shall consider the report of the workshop and the recommendations and comments of the Animals Committee and submit recommendations to the 20th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.