19.35 to 19.37 Financial and operational sustainability of the MIKE and ETIS programmes

Decision directed to
Decision directed to:
Parties, governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations and other entities

All Parties, governmental, intergovernmental, non-governmental organizations, donors and other entities are encouraged to support elephant range States and the Secretariat in their efforts to implement the MIKE and ETIS programmes as mandated in Resolution Conf. 10.10 (Rev. CoP19) on Trade in elephant specimens, and the Secretariat in the implementation of Decision 19.36.

Decision directed to:

The Secretariat shall:

a) subject to external resources, pursue the following approaches to address the financial and operational sustainability of the MIKE programme:

i) prepare proposals for support to the MIKE programme for consideration by donors;

ii) further explore alternative options to secure support from alternative funding sources, such as the private sector and through crowdfunding; and

iii) continue to enhance operational performances, including improvements to the MIKE Online Database and online training, and identifying and implementing cost-effective approaches to deliver on MIKE objectives; and

b) provide the Standing Committee with a report on the activities it has undertaken and the results thereof, including funding secured to support the implementation of the MIKE and ETIS programmes.

Decision directed to:
Standing Committee
The Standing Committee shall review the report by the Secretariat in terms of Decision 19.36 and make recommendations, as appropriate, for consideration at the 20th meeting of the Conference of Parties.