19.71 to 19.73 Malagasy palisanders and rosewoods (Dalbergia spp.) and ebonies (Diospyros spp.)

Decision directed to
Decision directed to:

Madagascar shall:

a) strengthen the management of all Dalbergia spp. and Diospyros spp. timber stockpiles in Madagascar (including through traceability and control systems), request financial and technical assistance therefor, and submit regular updates on audited inventories and independent oversight mechanisms, for consideration and further guidance from the Standing Committee;

b) provide reports on progress on the implementation of paragraph a) of this Decision to the Secretariat 60 days before the 77th and 78th meetings of the Standing Committee.

Decision directed to:

The Secretariat shall:

a) subject to external funding, assist with relevant capacity-building activities in Madagascar and transit and destination countries concerned by the trade in specimens of Dalbergia spp. and Diospyros spp. from Madagascar;

b) reissue a Notification to the Parties reminding potential destination countries of shipments of illegal specimens of Dalbergia spp. and Diospyros spp. from Madagascar to take appropriate measures to ensure that such timber is not illegally transported or traded, including prohibiting entry, seizing such specimens upon arrival and apply appropriate sanctions against traffickers in accordance with the provisions of the Convention; and

c) provide reports on progress on the implementation of this Decision and Decision 19.71 directed to Madagascar to the Standing Committee, as appropriate.

Decision directed to:
Standing Committee
At its 77th and 78th meetings, the Standing Committee shall review reports from the Secretariat on the implementation of Decisions 19.71 and 19.72 and make recommendations to Madagascar as appropriate.