19.92 & 19.93 CITES Big Cats Task Force

Decision directed to
Decision directed to:

The Secretariat shall: subject to external resources

a) establish and convene, the CITES Big Cats Task Force (Task Force), in accordance with the terms of reference and modus operandi agreed by the Standing Committee as presented in Annex 2 to document CoP19 Doc. 67 on CITES Big Cats Task Force (Felidae spp.);

b) provide support to the Task Force allowing it to effectively carry out its mandate as stated in the terms of reference, including to:

i) discuss enforcement and implementation issues related to the illegal trade in specimens of big cats;

ii) as deemed appropriate, exchange intelligence and other information on the illegal trade in big cats; and

iii) develop strategies and make recommendations to improve international cooperation regarding the enforcement of CITES concerning illegal trade in specimens of big cats; and

c) report the findings and recommendations of the Task Force to the 77th and 78th meeting of the Standing Committee for its consideration, and for making its own recommendations as appropriate.

Decision directed to:
Standing Committee

The Standing Committee shall:

a) consider at its 77th meeting the reports submitted by the Secretariat, as per Decision 19.92, and make recommendations to the Secretariat and big cat source, transit, and destination countries, as appropriate;

b) report on the implementation of the present Decision and any relevant recommendations as appropriate to the Conference of the Parties at its 20th meeting;

c) publish information generated by the Big Cat Task Force on the CITES website to keep relevant stakeholders informed and support the development of appropriate measures by source, transit, and destination countries.