19.261 to 19.264 Trade in medicinal and aromatic plant species

Decision directed to
Decision directed to:
Secretariat, in close collaboration with the Plants Committee
The Secretariat shall, in close collaboration with the Plants Committee: a) publish a notification inviting Parties to: i) share information materials that have been developed to enhance awareness of CITES regulations and to encourage sustainable use and legal trade in CITES-listed medicinal and aromatic plants and, as far as possible, liaise with key stakeholders of medicinal and aromatic plant trade supply chains for this purpose, ii) review their non-detriment findings (NDFs) for medicinal and aromatic plants and consider sharing such with the Secretariat to be included on the NDF section of the CITES website; iii) assess the utility of the Medicinal Plant Names Service (MPNS) database in their routine work to see if it can contribute to the expansion of the Species+ database; and share any experience of using the MPNS database; b) make information materials for raising awareness of CITES regulations for the medicinal and aromatic plant industry stakeholders and consumers available to Parties on the CITES website; c) subject to external funding, undertake an analysis of e-commerce supply chains in products of CITES-listed medicinal and aromatic plant species, exploring the applicability of using the Medicinal Plant Names Service (MPNS) database in the analysis, and including i) a stakeholder analysis of key producers, intermediate traders, manufacturers or distribution platforms to end consumers, and of institutions influencing the demand for CITES-regulated medicinal and aromatic plant products in biomedical, traditional and alternative medical systems, cosmetic and personal care, food industries (as appropriate), and ii) an assessment whether existing annotations are adequate with respect to the principles and principles recommended in Resolution Conf. 11.21 (Rev. CoP19) on Use of annotations in Appendices I and II; and d) report to the Plants Committee on the implementation of this Decision, including suggestions, as appropriate, regarding Resolution Conf. 10.19 (Rev. CoP14) on Traditional medicines or a new Resolution in relation to medicinal and aromatic plant products.
Decision directed to:
Parties are invited to support the implementation of Decision 19.261.
Decision directed to:
Plants Committee, in consultation with the Animals Committee, as appropriate
The Plants Committee shall: a) be informed and review the report of the Secretariat, and the feedback from Parties as per Decision 19.261, regarding the utility of the Medicinal Plant Names Service, with advice from the nomenclature specialist, as appropriate; b) taking into consideration the information in document PC25 Doc. 30, information document CoP18 Inf. 11, the report of the Secretariat as per Decision 19.261, and other relevant information, and in consultation with the Animals Committee, as appropriate, undertake a review of Resolution Conf. 10.19 (Rev. CoP14) on Traditional medicines, and prepare recommendations for a revised Resolution on traditional medicines or a new Resolution on medicinal and aromatic plant products; and c) submit its recommendations to the Standing Committee or the Conference of the Parties, as appropriate.
Decision directed to:
Standing Committee
The Standing Committee shall review the report from the Plants Committee as per Decision 19.263, as appropriate, and make recommendations, as appropriate, to the Conference of the Parties.