19.51 to 19.53 CITES gender action plan

Decision directed to
Decision directed to:
Secretariat and the Chair of the Standing Committee

The Secretariat and the Chair of the Standing Committee, subject to available resources, shall draw on the available body of knowledge, lessons and experiences on gender and how it interacts with other identifying factors in matters related to legal and illegal international trade of wild flora and fauna, to develop a draft gender action plan for submission to the Standing Committee. The draft gender action plan should:

a) consider the needs of indigenous and local peoples of all genders, especially women and girls, as well as how to incorporate their perspectives, skills and talents at all ages, and local and traditional knowledge;

b) aim to ensure that women and girls in all their diversity have equal access to, ownership and/or control over the use of wild flora and fauna, can fully and effectively engage in international trade of species of wild fauna and flora, and receive a fair and equitable share of benefits arising from the use and trade of such wildlife; thus reducing poverty and gender gaps through the promotion of economic and decision-making freedom;

c) aim to prevent and respond to gender-based violence in wild flora and fauna international trade chains;

d) promote gender equality and increase and strengthen the participation and leadership of women at all levels of decision-making and participation in processes related to international wild flora and fauna trade;

e) enhance the full, equal and meaningful participation and leadership of all genders, in particular women, in the implementation of the Convention, including through the engagement of civil society organizations, women’s groups and women delegates, and provide opportunities for building their capacities; and

f) identify specific actions to advance the objectives above, across international trade chains for sustainable and legal wild flora and fauna, including parts and derivatives, as well as associated activities, including harvesting, law enforcement, and policy-making.

Decision directed to:
Standing Committee
The Standing Committee shall consider any draft gender action plan received from the Secretariat under Decision 19.51 and, if considered appropriate, submit a final version of that action plan, as an annex to the Resolution on Gender and international trade in wild fauna and flora, for approval by the Conference of the Parties at its 20th meeting.
Decision directed to:
Parties and relevant stakeholders

Parties and relevant stakeholders, are encouraged to:

a) support the preparation of the “CITES Gender Action Plan” by sharing knowledge, case studies and other relevant experiences with the Secretariat;

b) strengthen the evidence base and understanding of the gender-differentiated impacts of sustainable use and international trade in species of wild flora and fauna, and fair and equitable benefit-sharing; and

c) provide financial support towards the development and implementation of the Gender Action Plan.