18.309 - 18.310 Use of time-specific versions of online- databases as standard nomenclature references

Decision directed to:
The Secretariat shall:
a) continue to engage copyright-holders of relevant online-databases that might serve as standard nomenclature references and explore the possible use of time-specific versions for CITES services; for example, relevant databases include but are not limited to WoRMS, Fish Base, ESCHMEYER & FRICKE's Catalog of Fishes, Amphibian Species of the World, and Corals of the World as standard references; and
b) report the results of its consultations to the Animals Committee.
Decision directed to:
Animals Committee
The Animals Committee shall:
a) evaluate the results of the Secretariat’s consultation; and
b) develop recommendations on the use of time-specific online-databases as standard nomenclature references for decision by the Conference of the Parties at its 19th meeting.