18.307 - 18.308 Production of a CITES Checklist for Dalbergia spp.

Decision directed to:
The Secretariat shall, in close cooperation with the nomenclature specialist of the Plants Committee:

a) subject to availability of external resources, undertake the development of an annotated CITES Checklist of
Dalbergia spp., taking into consideration:

i) relevant elements of paragraph 7 of document CoP18 Doc. 99, as well as the pertinence of including a distinction between timber and non-timber species of
Dalbergia spp.;

ii) the required research and other work needed for the production of such a Checklist; and

iii) aspects related to its publication; and

b) report on progress or results of this process to the Plants Committee at its regular meetings and seek its advice and input.
Decision directed to:
Plants Committee
The Plants Committee shall:

a) consider progress and results reported by the Secretariat as per Decision 18.307; and

b) make recommendations to the Secretariat and the Conference of the Parties, as appropriate.

These recommendations could include timelines for completion of the Checklist, or the adoption of a standard nomenclature reference for
Dalbergia spp., amongst others.