18.266 - 18.269 Helmeted hornbill (Rhinoplax vigil)

Decision directed to:
Parties, especially range, transit and consumer States, should provide information to the Secretariat on their implementation of Resolution Conf. 17.11 on Conservation of, and trade in, helmeted hornbill, including any challenges encountered, and provide information in response to the Notification issued pursuant to Decision 18.267, paragraph c) below.
Decision directed to:
The Secretariat shall:

a) subject to the availability of external funding and upon request, assist relevant Parties in their implementation of Resolution Conf. 17.11, especially regarding the implementation of the helmeted hornbill (
Rhinoplax vigil): Status Review, range- wide conservation Strategy and Action Plan (2018-2027) (“Action Plan”), and challenges communicated under Decision 18.266;

b) liaise as appropriate with the International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC) and other relevant networks and organizations to convey Resolution Conf. 17.11, draw attention to the Action Plan for the conservation of the helmeted hornbill, and invite them to consider these in planning and executing their activities; and

c) through a Notification and bilateral consultation as needed, request Parties, especially, range, transit and consumer States and other relevant experts, to provide information on helmeted hornbill trade routes as well as the implementation of Resolution Conf. 17.11.
Decision directed to:
The Secretariat shall provide a report, including the responses received and its recommendations, to the 73rd meeting of the Standing Committee on the implementation of Decisions 18.266 and 18.267 and, on the basis of recommendations by the Standing Committee, take additional actions as appropriate.
Decision directed to:
Standing Committee
The Standing Committee at its 73rd and 74th meeting shall review the implementation of Decisions 18.266 to 18.268 and any other information made available to it and, based on its review and deliberations make any recommendations to the Secretariat and Parties (range, transit and consumer States) for further actions, and report to the Conference of the Parties at its 19th meeting.