18.251 - 18.253 Jaguars (Panthera onca)

Decision directed to:
The Secretariat shall:

a) subject to the availability of external funding, commission a study on illegal trade in jaguars (
Panthera onca) to:

i) map illegal trade in the jaguar throughout its range, including poaching, trade pathways and networks, and main markets that are driving this trade, and how it is connected to other wildlife trafficking activities in the region;

ii) analyse the uses of jaguar specimens, both within range states and in international markets, as well as the extent to which illegally-sourced jaguar products are entering international trade;

iii) analyse the
modus operandi associated with illegal trade in jaguar specimens and possible drivers of this activity; and

iv) characterize the overall impact of illegal trade on jaguar populations throughout the species’ range;

b) present the findings of the study referred to in Decision 18.251, paragraph a) to the Standing Committee together with any recommendations it may consider relevant; and

c) issue a Notification seeking input from Parties, in particular exporting, re-exporting and importing countries affected by illegal trade in jaguar (
Panthera onca) specimens, and relevant stakeholders to provide information to the Secretariat for the purposes of completing the study outlined in Decision 18.251, paragraph a).
Decision directed to:
Parties, Others
Parties, especially those that are range States of the jaguar (Panthera onca) and relevant stakeholders, are encouraged to take action to:

a) support the preparation of the study referred to under paragraph a) of Decision 18.251;

b) respond to the Notification as described in paragraph c) of Decision 18.251;

c) recognize the jaguar (
Panthera onca) as the flagship species of its range countries so that the protection and conservation of the species and its habitat becomes a joint priority;

d) urgently adopt comprehensive legislation and enforcement controls aimed at eliminating the poaching of jaguars (
Panthera onca) and illegal trade in their parts and derivatives, including online sales of specimens;

e) promote the design and implementation of conservation corridors between range countries of the jaguar (
Panthera onca), strengthening cooperation mechanisms on a local, national and regional level in order to promote good conservation practices, channel investments to the conservation of the species, reduce the threats to the connectivity of its habitats, and strengthen the capacities of the main players involved;

f) raise awareness about the importance of the jaguar, its role in the ecosystem and the threats it faces, including illegal trade;

g) participate in conferences and workshops, among other events, in order to share experiences and knowledge about the priority issues identified to combat illegal trade in jaguars (
Panthera onca); and

h) consider making a voluntary contribution to conduct the study or implement its recommendations.
Decision directed to:
Standing Committee
The Standing Committee shall consider the findings of the study referred to in Decision 18.251, paragraph a) as well as the report and recommendations of the Secretariat and make recommendations as appropriate until the 19th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.