18.234 - 18.237 Rosewood tree species [Leguminosae (Fabaceae)]

Decision directed to:
The Secretariat shall:

a) subject to external resources, undertake the following study:

i) provide or confirm, with the nomenclature specialist of the Plants Committee, a reference list of genera that are commonly referred to as “rosewood tree species”, noting that at present the species from the following CITES and non-CITES listed genera have been assumed as such by the CITES community:
Caesalpinia, Cassia, Dalbergia, Dicorynia, Guibourtia, Machaerium, Millettia, Pterocarpus and Swartzia;

ii) taking into consideration the existing information (including that developed under the ongoing CITES Tree Species Programme), and based on the available lists of species in trade, compile available data and information to address information gaps on the biology, population status, management, use and trade for CITES- listed rosewood tree species as a first priority; and as a second priority, non- CITES listed rosewood tree species, in particular those that are highly sought after for the timber trade;

iii) assess the effects of international trade on wild populations of the species concerned; and

iv) take into account the relevant work on timber identification to be carried out under Decisions 18.140 to 18.143 on
Identification of timber and other wood products;

b) issue a Notification seeking input from Parties, in particular exporting, re-exporting and importing countries, and relevant stakeholders to provide information to the Secretariat to share with the consultant for the purposes of completing the study outlined under paragraph a) above;

c) report on progress regarding the study to the Plants Committee;

d) taking into consideration the advice of the Plants Committee, and subject to external funding, organize an international workshop, inviting relevant range States, trading countries, relevant organizations, industry representatives and other experts, with a view to presenting and discussing the results, and develop recommendations;

e) submit the final study for consideration by the Plants Committee, as well as the outcomes of the workshop if held; and

f) seek external resources to support the study, and the workshop as appropriate.
Decision directed to:
Parties are encouraged to:
a) respond to the Notification described in paragraph b) of Decision 18.234 in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders; and
b) support the work of the consultancy, and the workshop as appropriate, including seeking external resources from relevant stakeholders.
Decision directed to:
Plants Committee
The Plants Committee shall:
a) consider the progress reported by the Secretariat and make recommendations regarding the study and the need for the international workshop referred to under Decision 18.234;
b) consider the final study, and outcomes of the workshop if held, and make recommendations on how to enhance implementation for CITES-listed rosewood tree species with a particular focus on non-detriment findings including with respect to capacity building; and make further recommendations regarding non-CITES listed rosewood tree species; and
c) make recommendations to the Standing Committee and the 19th meeting of the Conference of the Parties as appropriate.
Decision directed to:
Standing Committee
The Standing Committee shall consider any report prepared in response to Decision 18.236 and identify any implementation and enforcement issues associated with the international trade in rosewood tree species, particularly those already listed in the Appendices, and develop recommendations for more effective implementation of the Convention for rosewood tree species. The Standing Committee shall furthermore take into account considerations related to revisions to annotations, and identification of terms in annotations that require further clarification and convey them for consideration by the working group on annotations.