18.146 Labelling system for trade in caviar

Decision directed to:
Standing Committee
The Standing Committee shall, taking into account work undertaken by the Animals Committee and the Standing Committee, with support by the Secretariat between the 17th and 18th meeting of the Conference of the Parties:

a) consider the practical challenges in the implementation of the provisions of the Convention with regard to the application of the “CITES guidelines for a universal labelling system for the trade in and identification of caviar” contained in Annex 1 of Resolution Conf. 12.7 (Rev. CoP17) on
Conservation of and trade in sturgeons and paddlefish in light of the recognized shift in many cases from wild-caught specimens to non-wild specimens produced in aquaculture facilities; and

b) as needed, make recommendations to the 19th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to address the identified challenges with the aim of arriving at a practical approach for trade in caviar from aquaculture production.